Developing the branding for Essen Atlas, a pioneering force in biotechnology raw materials based in the heart of Michigan, was a journey filled with the essence of sustainability and innovation. Rooted in the intricate processes of seed genetics, farming, and harvesting hemp fibers, Essen Atlas stands as an example of sustainable alternatives across diverse industries.
I collaborated with the founders to understand their shared commitment to authenticity and rugged sincerity. Through a meticulous interplay of colors and graphic elements, we succeeded in weaving a brand narrative that exudes both resilience and integrity, mirroring the company's ethos.
At the core of Essen Atlas lies a profound dedication to harnessing innovative technologies in harmony with nature, and our branding strategy was focused to encapsulate this harmonious blend. The result is a captivating brand identity that not only captures the rugged beauty of farming but also heralds a sustainable future fueled by natural fibers.
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